Trust and Quality

The brand "Fenix" is the result of many years of research and progress in the production of components for tools and machines of globally renowned brands.

  • Years of experience in manufacturing

    Our numerous years of experience in the industry make Fenix a reliable and esteemed partner in the world of tool and machinery components

  • Quality materials

    By using quality materials, we guarantee that our components will withstand the challenges of daily use and continue to function excellently, even in demanding work environments

  • Extended warranty

    Through the extended warranty, we offer an additional layer of protection and guarantee that our products are flawless and designed for long-term, reliable use


Top-quality cordless tools for agriculture


Small cordless chainsaw – an excellent tool for basic cuts in orchards, olive groves, and vineyards


Cordless chainsaw adapted for more demanding cuts in orchards, olive groves, and vineyards


Efficient battery operated pruning shears, cable-free, shearing range: 28 mm.


Extremelly efficient battery operated pruning shears, shearing range: 40 mm.


Top-class battery operated pruning shears, with optional power cord, shearing range: 45 mm.

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